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Building Materials! LVLs, Trusses, Joists...!

LVLs, Joists, Trusses and MORE!

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Clay Pipe IN STOCK!


Masonary Products

Quickrete, Sakrete, Mason Mix, EZ Sand, and More!

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Who Are We, And Why We're the Best!

We are Chicago's #1 lumberyard and hardware store! This location has been in operation since in was built in 1908 and doesn't plan on going anywhere! We specialize in getting you exactly what you need, for less! Don't be fooled by the big boxes who claim that they're saving you money! They have to afford those Multi-Million Dollar CEO salaries!

We specialize in providing to the Blue Collar workers of the South Side! We know how you put in countless hours trying to put food on the table, and do your best to provide for you and your family! We're here to help! We are a small family business with the same goal. Why work harder when you could work smarter? All the money you save on  supplies is PROFIT! Just give us a chance, we will make sure you have happier, and with more money in your wallet than if you went ANYWHERE

What We Have!

We have what you want, and what the competition doesn't carry nor have expertise in! This includes but is not limited to:

  • Jeron Intercom Parts
  • Pacific Intercom Parts
  • Tek Tone Intercom Parts
  • Trine Products
  • Security Cameras and Watcher DVRs
  •  LVL's
  •  Lumber of all sizes treated and non-treated (including lengths up to 26ft, IN STOCK!) 
  • Clay pipe 
  • Cast iron fittings 
  • Fasteners
  • Drywall 
  • OSB
  •  Sand
  •  Gravel
  •  And Delivery Service! 

And if you need something obscure enough that we don't have it in stock, we can get it for you!

Our Lumber Selection

We have a ton of Lumber in STOCK!

Regular, Treated, and up to 26" available !

About Us

About Us

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Our Location

Our Location

7855 S. Greenwood Ave Chicago, Il 60619


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OSHA certified to protect against hearing loss!

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Power Tools!

DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bostitch, and More!

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